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Suneha Gadpande: Speaker at International Day for Women in Maritime Events

​​​​​​Suneha Gadpande, Marine Superintendent Manager in Hafnia’s Technical team was an honorary guest speaker at the Maritime Mumbai Museum Society’s event on Women in Maritime. Taking place around International Women in Maritime Day (18 May 2022), this event celebrated the pioneering women from the Maritime industry of India with the aim to raise awareness for women adopting and pursuing careers in the maritime industry.

During the webinar, amongst other topics, Suneha (as the first woman Captain to Command an all-women officer ship of India), discussed the importance of motivation, interest, and challenges in the industry. Suneha specifically discussed her achievements, anecdotes and encouragement towards the next generation joining the industry. During her presentation, Suneha also underlined the steps and measures she felt the industry needs to take to make the Maritime industry both on shore and at sea, gender neutral, inclusive, diverse, and safe to attract more women.

In a separate event by Littoral Communications, celebrating Women’s Day, Suneha was introduced as the first female captain to be promoted in any MNC, where discussions around women seafarers focused on inclusion, visibility, and recognition.

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