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The Forward-Thinking
Tanker Company

We are Hafnia

Putting People First to Ensure the Best for our World

As the world’s largest tanker company, Hafnia is committed to leading the maritime industry into a better tomorrow. We strive to always be a business that people can thrive in, and investors can be confident in.

We put people and relationships first and challenge the industry of today, so we can deliver the industry of tomorrow. 

About Hafnia

A Fully Integrated Shipping Platform

Beyond our operated fleet, we are a fully integrated shipping platform which includes technical management, commercial and chartering services, pool management, and a large-scale Bunker desk.

About Hafnia Pools

ESG at the Heart of What We Do

We are committed to our people, the environment and the transition to greener and socially responsible shipping. Our approach to ESG incorporates long-term thinking to deliver the industry of the future. 

ESG at Hafnia

What We Do

Our fleet of best-in-class tanker vessels covers all areas of the industry to meet the needs of our customers.

We acknowledge our industry’s relationship to the environment. As the world’s largest tanker company, we are also aware of the impact we can have on moving the industry into a better future.

Through emerging digital and innovative transport solutions, we are leading an industry-wide shift in reducing our carbon footprint, working towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Constantly in motion, we transport hydrocarbons in a safe and sustainable way around the globe. From the energy we use to the homes we live in, we move cargo that enables the modern world to run.

Why Invest in Hafnia

Everything we do is based on our People-First culture. We are committed to building a workplace that attracts people with ambitions as big as ours, where everyone plays a role in making a difference for not only our business, but for our world.

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