We are Committed to our People, the Environment, and the Transition to Greener and Socially Responsible Shipping

At the Heart of What We Do

Strategic Long-Term, Sustainable Thinking to Deliver the Maritime Industry of the Future

As the world’s leading tanker company, Hafnia is uniquely positioned to create the future of responsible and transparent maritime energy transportation.

Through innovation and collaboration, we shape our world and oceans for future generations.

Sustainability calls for a thorough approach to govern real change, recognising the responsibilities we have towards our planet and people.

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We know where we can play a key role.

Keeping marine traffic emissions low and safeguarding ecosystems are our primary focus.

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We prioritise the safety and health of our employees, as well as foster an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace.

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We conduct our business with integrity, following the highest ethical and legal standards when developing our policies and practices.

We strive for a sustainable supply chain and apply the same standards to our suppliers via our supplier code of conduct.

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