A Safe, Diverse and Inclusive Working Environment


Hafnia believes in zero harm to people, environment, cargo and property.

Our procedures and risk-based approach help mitigate hazards the maritime industry faces. Our safety culture focuses on people and human factors and is based on improving systems to avoid accidents at sea.

Our Safety & Quality Policy Aboard Vessels

To ensure we deliver on our promise of Zero Harm across all activities, all crew and contractors follow country safety guidelines which they can refer to in the “Hafnia Employee Handbook” or the “Safety and Quality Policy”.

We aim to protect our crew and assets from risk in troubled times and waters. Fleet-wide initiatives ensure security in the face of piracy, especially in high-risk areas.
This includes measures such as the installation of ARX barriers on vessels, to prevent piracy attempts. 

We take a risk-based approach with armed guards as required, securing of the vessel and enhance lookout duties. All vessels are provided with a safe room, with essential and communicative resources.

We continuously develop health and wellbeing initiatives, many of which are outsourced to expert partners specialized in their fields.

We have a 20% work from home policy in offices, and constantly re-evaluate to assess what our employees prefer and the business needs. Seafarers have 3 month long tenures.

We monitor our fleet safety statistics, benchmarking them against industry standards for learning and continuous improvement. Our internally managed Hafnia fleet is certified to ISO 14001:2015 standard. We conduct annual internal audits of vessels and across office operations.

­We strive towards a unified company culture with close collaboration between sea and shore.  

­With our People First approach, we believe in hiring for mindset and training for skills.

­Our social initiatives are comprised of two areas: those focused on sea, and on-shore. Trainings overlap to ensure cohesiveness and collaboration. 

Hafnia is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Copenhagen, Houston, Dubai, Monaco, India and the Philippines.

On shore, Hafnia employs 250 people across technical, corporate and commercial support functions, such as chartering, finance, operations and bunkers.

Our seafarers play a critical role in the safe transportation of our cargoes. We employ over 2000 individuals at sea.

Hafnia has signed the ‘Neptune Declaration’ to collaboratively solve current and future crewing challenges.

Hafnia promotes a culture of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity (DIBE). We want our employees to feel valued, inspired, fulfilled and fairly treated.

We strive for a working environment embracing differences in age, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability/disability, background and other characteristics that make us unique.

Our DIBE Policy

Talent Development, Training and Education



We offer a annual traineeship that accepts fresh university graduates in collaboration with The Danish Shipowners Association’s organization – Blue Denmark.

Trainees receive a holistic understanding of how an innovative shipping company runs with practical experience simultaneous to their maritime education.

Seafaring Programmes

Hafnia invests in trainee programs for seafarers.

Cadets from India, Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Denmark, Romania and Ukraine are provided with trainee berths to cater to our future seafaring officer’s pipeline.

Employee Training

We conduct training sessions to all employees which include anti-corruption and unconscious bias mentoring.

We help Hafnia employees foster awareness and tools to decrease their own biases – to create a more inclusive workplace for improved employee wellbeing and superior commercial results.