January 25, 2024ESGSpeaking Engagements

Pankaj Porwal: Speaker at SIM Young Entrepreneurs Network Annual Meeting

Pankaj Porwal, GM (Project, Fleet Sustainability) was a speaker at SIM Young Entrepreneurs Network Panel Discussion discussing sustainability and its importance in the shipping industry, the role of Geopolitics and its varying impacts across the world together with the industry’s pathway for greener shipping and a more sustainable future.


Established in 2001, the SIM Young Entrepreneur Network is a student entrepreneurship club. Their mission is to foster an insightful entrepreneurial culture, nurturing the members of SIM YEN and students of SIM GE with valuable skill sets, creating a community filled with creativity and profound innovations. The network acts as a platform for individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset to bridge the local entrepreneurial scene and aspiring student entrepreneurs.

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Pankaj Porwal
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