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Mia Krogslund Jørgensen recognized in Top 100 Women in Shipping List 2023

Hafnia is pleased to announce that Head of People, Culture and Strategy Mia Krogslund Jørgensen (VP) has been recognized in the 2023 Top 100 Women in Shipping List – this year in the number one position. For the 2023 ranking (released in 2024), a total of 1007 women were considered, with a final ranking consolidated via peer and corporate recommendation. In 2022, Mia held the number 4 spot.


As Head of People, Culture and Strategy, Mia takes an active voice in promoting diversity in shipping in Hafnia and across the industry.


As a consecutive inclusion into the list, Hafnia CEO Mikael Skov, states “Mia’s contribution to our company and the industry, particularly in championing diversity, is immeasurable and it is important we aim for her impact to be acknowledged on a broader scale. Beyond celebrating influential women (as an underrepresented group) in our field, this recognition serves as a vital platform to drive attention towards the efforts made over the last years in initiatives related to the important topic of Diversity and Inclusion in the maritime sector.”  

Congratulations to Mia! 

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Mia Krogslund Jørgensen
Head of People, Culture & Strategy

T:  +45 3369 9086

People Culture & Strategy
Executive Management
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