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Hafnia: Multiple Winner at Mission to Seafarer Awards 2023

Following our nomination in four categories at the Mission to Seafarers Awards 2023, which included Seafarer of the Year (Captain Hemant Suri), Cadet of the Year (Dwi Kartini), Innovation Initiative of the Year (Hafnia Culture DEI Lab), and Shoreside Award (Maria Javellana and Joan Kwek), Hafnia is delighted to announce that we have received awards in the Innovation, Cadet, and Shoreside categories.

The Hafnia Culture Lab received the Innovation award for its recognition as a pioneering project aimed at enhancing the well-being of seafarers. The culture lab will involve crewing four Hafnia vessels with a crew consisting of at least a 50% ratio of female seafarers to gain insights that can help Hafnia make life at sea more appealing to women and address any deficiencies or vulnerabilities in this regard. More information can be found here.

Dwi Kartini was honoured with the Cadet award for making a significant contribution to seafarers’ welfare both at sea and onshore. This accolade acknowledges Dwi Kartini’s accomplishments and potential as a future leader in the maritime industry, highlighting Hafnia’s commitment to nurturing emerging maritime talent at sea.

Maria Javellana, GM (Head of Fleet), and Joan Kwek (Crewing Manager) were shortlisted for the Shore-based Award due to their substantial contributions to seafarers’ welfare, with Joan Kwek receiving a special commendation. Both Maria and Joan have made significant contributions to the onshore operations that support Hafnia’s seafarers.

Captain Hemant Suri was also shortlisted in the prestigious Seafarer of the Year category, in which Captain Rohit Minocha of Hafnia was recognized in 2022. In his role as Captain, Hemant Suri exemplifies Hafnia’s CARE values, fostering a culture onboard that promotes teamwork, fairness, acceptance, adaptability, integrity, and honesty.

Upon receiving these awards, Clint Bout, GM (Head of Marine at Hafnia), commented, “This recognition is a significant achievement that reflects the collective effort of our team towards our shared goals. It is truly gratifying to receive such positive feedback from our peers.”

Hafnia takes great pride in being represented in both the shortlist and the winners’ circle, emphasizing our dedication to excellence within the industry and our commitment to raising awareness of seafarer welfare and the essential standards that need improvement.

We congratulate all the winners and shortlisted participants!.


About the Mission to Seafarer Awards

The Mission to Seafarers Awards is an annual event held in Singapore, where individuals and organizations from across the globe are honoured for their remarkable contributions to the well-being and welfare of seafarers. These awards acknowledge those who have displayed exceptional dedication and a strong commitment to enhancing the lives of seafarers and their families. Each year, the awards receive thousands of submissions from all over the world. The specific criteria for these awards may vary, but typically encompass recognition for exceptional service, advocacy, and contributions related to seafarers’ welfare. This includes endeavours aimed at improving their living conditions, safety, mental well-being, social support, and initiatives that address the unique challenges faced by seafarers.

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