February 8, 2024General Business News

Hafnia Introduces Artificial Intelligence -Powered Chat Bot: Marvis AI

In alignment with Hafnia’s strategic commitment to fostering innovation and elevating operational efficiency, we are proud to introduce Marvis AI—an advanced Artificial Intelligence chat-bot designed and tested by Hafnia’s proficient Data and Analytics Team.


Originally created to optimize and streamline daily tasks for all employees, Marvis AI transcends conventional boundaries, helping with tasks ranging from email management and brainstorming sessions to delivering comprehensive information and responding to queries. Marvis AI represents a paradigm shift, empowering various departments across Hafnia to operate with heightened efficiency through the judicious application of data-driven intelligence.


In 2023, Marvis AI underwent an extensive pilot program across various teams, with a specific focus on Hafnia’s Bunker Team as the designated use case. The purpose of this pilot program was to demonstrate the capabilities of Marvis AI. Although the Bunker Team understood how the tool could be used in their day-to-day activities, they have not actually implemented it yet. During the pilot program, Marvis AI proved to be an asset to the Bunker Team, enabling them to stay well-informed during negotiations by summarizing relevant news, facilitating discussions through the Marvis Chat feature, and providing machine learning predictions for optimal pricing. The AI Assistant also assists the team by generating communication, such as emails or WhatsApp messages, to continue negotiations or respond to offers, creating a comprehensive support system. Furthermore, Marvis AI offers the ability to compare suppliers in global ports, providing data-driven insights to guide negotiations. The AI Assistant even provides personalized recommendations based on supplier performance in each port, adding an extra layer of intelligence to the decision-making process.

Marvis AI boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of users, and prioritizes robust end-user data protection and privacy.


Jan Simon, Vice President, and Head of Digital & IT, expresses, “The successful launch of the first version of Marvis AI is a testament to the agility and adaptability of Hafnia’s Data and Analytics team. Their ability to quickly embrace new technologies and deploy them across the company has resulted in tangible benefits for our business operations. Marvis AI has streamlined tasks, improved communication, and provided data-driven insights that have enhanced decision-making across various teams. We look forward to further integrating Marvis AI into our internal data functions in 2024, as we continue to elevate operational efficiency and drive innovation at Hafnia.


Looking ahead to 2024, our Data and Analytics team plans to integrate Marvis AI across additional internal data functions, further augmenting capabilities across various teams. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the dedicated teams involved in the successful launch of the first release version of Marvis AI!

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