March 13, 2023ESGGeneral Business News

Hafnia and Regional Maritime University Ghana enter into Official Partnership

We are pleased to announce that Hafnia has today signed our first Management of Undertaking (MOU) with The Regional Maritime University in Ghana.


The Regional Maritime University in Ghana (RMU) is an international tertiary institution and private university founded by the Republics of Cameroon, The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. RMU aims at promoting regional co-operation in the African continent, across the maritime industry, focusing on training to ensure the sustained growth and development of shipping. RMU is a branch of the World Maritime University and an affiliate of the University of Ghana in Legon.


Our official partnership with RMU is an important milestone at Hafnia, as we strengthen our maritime excellence and talent pipeline globally, additionally with the aim of increasing diversity at sea. With this cooperation, Hafnia will increase the number of female seafarers at sea substantially.


Under this partnership Hafnia has committed to a minimum of 16 cadet positions aboard its vessels annually who have graduated from RMU. RMU is renowned for its outstanding education in the maritime field, with top maritime candidates attaining their certification and degrees here. This collaboration is part of Hafnia’s aim in future proofing the skillsets needed both on maritime excellence and on diversity.


In 2023, 4 vessels have been nominated to become “Hafnia DEI Culture Lab Vessels”. These vessels are set to be operated with a crew of at least 50% women of the total crew.


RMU will play a significant role in this research project, as 17 female cadets from RMU will already be onboard Hafnia vessels this coming spring, with 7 more team members joining us in the Summer.

Furthermore, RMU and Hafnia will also explore the possibility of expanding this partnership to also include ratings and petty officers.


Under this collaboration, Hafnia is proud to also partner with RMU in the development of its educational curriculum, with several Hafnia team members set to visit the RMU campus annually as Guest lecturers to share their insights and learnings of a modern product and chemical tanker company, – with both the faculty on current students.


On signing this collaborative effort, Hafnia is proud and looks forward to growing our at sea global talent pipeline, setting our foundation in the African continent to support the development and growth of its seafarers.

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