December 5, 2023Speaking Engagements

Capt. Iqbal G. Khan: Speaker at IKMAL – SNI – Regional Ship-to-Ship Forum

Captain Iqbal G. Khan (Senior Manager Marine/CSO at Hafnia) was a speaker at the annual Ikhtisas Kelautan Malaysia (IKMAL) and Singapore Nautical Institute (SNI) Regional Ship-to-Ship Forum on the 16th of November in Johar Bahru Malaysia.


The Ship-to-Ship Forum was attended by industry colleagues, OCIMF, and experts, and featured many speakers, panel discussions and presentations on the topic of Best Practices on Ship-to-Ship (STS) Transfer Operations.


Capt. Iqbal Khan shared his thoughts and experiences of STS incidents from the operators’ point of view. Panel discussions and other speakers covered subjects like the future of STS, LNG STS care, operational & personal safety, human element, and STS activities in Malaysia and Indonesia, amongst others.


IKMAL is a non-governmental organization for Malaysia’s seagoing and shore-based officers holding certificates of competency (CoC) of any grade, pilot licenses issued by authorized Malaysian agencies, or appropriate maritime-affiliated degrees. The Singapore Nautical Institute (SNI) is a member organization dedicated to the public interest and development of nautical science. 

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